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Vizilite Oral Cancer Screening

vizilite_procedure_1Approximately 30,000 American are diagnosed with oral cancer annually. Early detection is the key to determining outcomes. While tobacco use, age, and previous oral cancer increases the risk factors for oral cancer, 25% of all oral cancers occur in people who don’t smoke and have no other risk factors.

The ViziLite Plus is a painless exam that Dr. Jaynes can perform in just a few minutes. It is used to find abnormalities in the mouth that could be precancerous or even cancer.

ViziLite Plus uses a light source that helps to identify abnormalities that may be missed under normal lighting. Early detection and treatment is less invasive and the outcome far better.

First, the patient rinses with a solution that will help us conduct the Vizilite Plus exam. Then, Dr. Jaynes examines your mouth using the specialized light. If a suspicious lesion is detected, it will be marked with a special blue dye, and then documented. A follow-up appointment or a referral to an oral surgeon will be made for any suspicious lesions.

We recommend that all adults over age 20 have the Vizilite exam done once a year.